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XMOR™ BHB Series — Expect more with less

The combination of high-strength steel and innovative design resulting in the lightest and hardest working backhoe bucket available for the mining and earth moving industry.

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Improve your cost efficiency:

Built for high productivity

  • Built for high productivity
  • Excellent penetration and digging performance
  • 20% larger volume
  • Load more ton per hour
  • Load more in less passes
  • Smooth surfaces reduce carry back

Lower weight

  • Up to 30% lighter than an average backhoe bucket
  • Potentially downsizes the excavator

Increased uptime

  • Inverted keel reduces wear
  • Bolted heel pads means no welding
  • Heel pad replacement in hours instead of days
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With our brand new bucket selector, you can find the XMOR™ bucket that suits your operation the best. Just input a few details about your bucket and machine, and we’ll show you a bucket solution that can handle bigger loads at less weight.

XMOR equipment

XMOR™ BHB series world-class steels

The low weight of the buckets enables payloads of 10-20% more without increasing the excavator’s suspended load. This is down to the usage of world-class steels.

  • Hardox® wear plate, the No. 1 wear steel for longerservice life
  • Strenx® performance steel, the premium high-strength steel for structural integrity
  • We thought of everything!

    1. Patent-pending inverted keel reduces wear on the bottom of the bucket, enabling functionality without heavy wear package underneath
    2. Patent-pending beam design reduces weight and enables structural warranty
    3. Replacing weld on heal shrouds with patented mechanical heal segments
    4. Hardox® wear plate in the design allows for reduced plate thickness
    5. Optimized welding parameters and consumables for Hardox® wear plate gives high-quality welds

    XMOR™ BHB Series.
    Flexible for all environments

    1. Non-abrasive rock
    2. Abrasive Rock
    3. Bulk Earthworks
    4. Abrasive Sand/Gravel

    The XMOR™ BHB Series is suitable for densities up to 3030 pounds per cubic yard (1800 kg per cubic meter). Works in coal, sand and gravel, shot rock up to 20 inches (0.5 m)and other loose material applications. Not suitable forpushing large boulders, pulling toes/footings left from the blast and smashing rocks. Not intended for use with acoupler (Quick Hitch).

    Size matters

    Size Matters
    Profile BHB 50 BHB 60 BHB 70 BHB 80 BHB 90 BHB 100 BHB 120
    Suspended load (lbs) 14000-15800 16800-19200 20200-23000 25900-29500 29600-33700 33600-38200 38800-44300
    Density (lbs/CuYd) 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030
    Volume (CuYd) 3.5-4.5 4.2-5.3 4.9-6.1 6.4-8.0 7.4-9.1 8.4-10.3 10.0-12.0
    Bucket weight (lbs) 3660-4200 4450-5060 5930-6730 7310-8200 8230-9140 9450-10460 10470-11580
    Bucket width (inches) 61-77 63-79 69-85 73-89 77-93 81-97 85-101
    Tip to pin (inches) 77 83 89 94 100 104 110

    Each model size targets 3 different material densities of either up to 2530, 2780 and 3030 lbs/CuYd.
    The buckets target a variety of applications within quarry industry as bulk earthworks, sand, gravel, coal stripping and blasted rock up to 20”

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